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Workplace Travel Planning

What is a travel plan?

A travel plan is a tool for managing the travel generated by an organisation or community with the aim of reducing environmental impacts, improving health outcomes, saving money for individuals, organisations and reducing traffic congestion. It looks at how to reduce the number of vehicles coming to an organisation by utilising walking, cycling, bussing and ride sharing. It is not anti car but is about how to encourage people to look at their car use and choose healthier,cheaper alternatives when available.We recently completed a survey of our active travelers, asking them what do they like about their commute, with a resounding yes to fresh air, time to think, relax and be out and about on a shared pathways.

What are the benefits of a travel plan?

What does our organisation need to do to have a travel plan?

First you need a commitment to reduce the number of car journeys to and from the organisation.

Look at how your organisation can support its employees to utilise other forms of transport such as walking, cycling, using the bus and ride sharing. (Look at safe routes for cycling and walking, infrastructure such as changing facilities, bike lock ups, incentives such as discounts on shoes, public transport or funky branded merchandise.)

What does a travel plan look like?

A travel plan will vary from organisation to organisation; there is no hard or fast rule. For some it will be a written document signed off by senior management while for others it will be a statement of intent. A travel plan is an active process. It will change over time and needs to be flexible to accommodate our changing environments. The With us team will work with you to decide what will work best for your organisation.

The key components to a successful travel plan are:

What support will the With us team give?

Your organisation may already have the bones of a travel plan in place and just need a bit of support to bring it together, or you may need to start from scratch either way contact us for help or more information.

Download your travel plan Starter pack or Work place travel plan