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School Travel Planning

What is a travel plan?

A travel plan looks at how to reduce the number of vehicles coming into a location by utilising walking, cycling, skating, scooting, bussing and ride sharing. It is not anti car but is about how to encourage people to look at their car use and choose healthier cheaper alternatives when available. By working in partnership with schools, we aim to bring about changes in attitude and travel behaviour that support healthy and positive lifestyle choices amongst students, parents and school staff.

What are the benefits of a travel plan?

What does your school need to do to have a travel plan?

What does a travel plan look like?

A travel plan will vary from school to school; there is no hard or fast rule. For some it will be a written document signed off by the board of trustees while for others it will be a statement of intent. It is important to note that a travel plan is an active process which will change over time and needs flexibility to be successful.

The key components to a successful travel plan are:

What support will the With us team give?

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