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A Guide for residents, schools and the community

Some of us grew up in a time when it was possible to play with friends in our street. When we could play games on the street, bike rides after dinner and all the neighbours knew each other.

The way our community has developed over last few decades means that on most streets this is no longer the norm. Today, vehicles dominate with detrimental effects on our communities, our environment, our health and our well-being. This also results in less bike rides and playing in our neighbourhoods. This can also mean fewer people with 'eyes and ears' on the street which often leads to increased opportunities for crimes to be committed.

Residents Starter Pack

Get your workplace moving!

Encouraging staff and colleagues to walk, cycle, use public transport, carpool, and reduce their overall need to travel not only makes environmental sense, but is also good for your businesses bottom-line. Increasing physical activity within your workforce will boost productivity and reduce absenteeism.

Providing information and promoting travel options to work may be all some employees need to get them started. Below is useful information if you are keen to get started.

Workplace Travel Planning

Investing in cycling is giving people what they want.

Across New Zealand, cycling is the third most popular recreational activity, with 24.8% of adults participating. After New Plymouth built a cycling nework, they saw a 35% increase in cycling between 2006 and 2013 and increases in the numbers of people commuting by bike on shared pathways were reported in excess of 50%

The Benefits of Investing in Cycling