CyWay Cycle Network - Bike Rotorua #RideWithUs

Meet the CyWay team

The CyWay team is actually called the 'Safe & Sustainable Journeys' team. We take care of Road Safety and Sustainable transport education and the construction of urban cycling infrastructure. The Safe & Sustainable Journeys team falls under the Infrastructure Group at Rotorua Lakes Council. We all come from very different backgrounds and like to think that collectively we represent most 'types' of cyclists in the community. Roger Geller (2006) says that cyclists can be split into 4 groups; Strong and Fearless, Enthused and Confident, Interested but Concerned, and No Way No How. We think we represent this well (currently missing a 'No way, no how')

Safe & Sustainable Journeys Manager

Jodie Lawson, Interested but Concerned

Sustainable Journeys Coordinator

Rachel Doelman (maternity leave)

Narelle Brown (temporary)

Safer Journeys Coordinator

Helen van Beek, Enthused and Confident

Bike Ready Coordinator

Aaron Sears

Bikes in Schools/Active modes facilitator

Georgie Griffiths, Strong & Fearless