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Completed Projects

Ranolf to CBD Street Project (Ranolf CyWay)

The Ranolf to CBD (Central Business District) Street Project. This is a shared path and provides a safe, off-road option for vulnerable users to link between Rotorua's southern suburbs, local schools, the inner city and the lakefront.

Shared paths are designed to make users such as school children, elderly and new bike riders and those on mobility devices feel safe because they are fully separated from traffic.

The shared path begins at the Lake Rd / Ranolf intersection and runs the length of Ranolf Street (on the eastern side of the road) all the way to Devon Street, where it crosses the road and continues on the western side of Ranolf Street, up to Sophia Street where it connects to the existing shared path. A new fence between the golf course and the path ensures a safe journey, free from rogue golf balls!

The first stage of this project was completed in July last year (from Lake Road to Arawa Street/Rotorua Primary School) and was completed in November 2018.

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Forest link / Te Ngae to Long Mile connection

This Cyway project has a different feel to those before it, running from the Puarenga Bridge on Te Ngae Rd to Long Mile Rd. Unlike other projects, this path is lime chip and shaded by trees in sections. Since it's completion the path is seeing more the 100 bikes a day on average as well as providing an accessible trail for those in mobility devices and with prams, as well as providing non-soggy trail for walkers, dog walkers and runners! It is now the preferred route from the CBD into the Redwood forest for a lot mountain bikers and tourists. It is also a fantastic option for commuters travelling from Lynmore and Owhata.

Whakarewarewa Forest Link / Te Ngae to Long Mile connection path

Springfield Cycleway

This Project was completed in two phases and connects to the Hemo roundabout, Ranolf St project and Rotorua International Stadium.

Our network has been designed and built in a seamless way so that after construction it his hard to tell where one project ends and the next begins. This is the standard of connected network that we are working towards around all of urban Rotorua.

Devon St West section of Springfield CyWay

Hospital Hill section of Ranolf Cycleway

Construction started on the 2nd of May 2017, focussing on the Lake Rd/Ranolf St intersection then moving around onto the hospital end of Lake road. As part of the project, a courtesy crossing into the village green was installed. The CyWay team worked with the RLC utilities team on the Lake Rd section as there was a drainage issues in the same area that needed to be resolved. By completing the two projects together, the disruption was reduced to traffic and residents.

A path which safely connects Rotorua Primary School to the CyWay was constructed and the speed limit lowered at the crossing point on Pukeroa St (road into the hospital). The CyWay team would like to thank the DHB for giving permission for the path to be constructed on the hospital grounds and their part in making this project an easy successful one.

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Inner City Link / Hospital Hill CyWay - Before & After

Ward Ave / McIntyre Reserve

This CyWay provides a link between Fenton Street and our beautiful forest, providing a family-friendly connection to the Redwood visitor centre and the children’s Mokopuna Trail, as well as being a good option for commuters.

The construction of the path in the reserve is complete with solar eco-disc lighting. Both entries to the reserve are concreted along with the Sala Street refuge crossing and the creation of the shared path on Ward Avenue.

Road safety improvements To improve safety for path users we want to encourage vehicles to slow down as they enter and exit side roads. To help slow traffic, raised courtesy crossings have been installed on the side streets on the shared path side of Ward Ave. The courtesy crossing platforms have a gentle gradient to minimise any bounce for cars travelling over them and have been constructed at least one car length from the entrance to Ward Ave so cars stopped at intersections will not hinder path users. The courtesy crossings platforms are not pedestrian crossings. This means that cars will still have the right of way but will need to slow down to drive over them which will make it safer for pedestrians and bike riders. Raised platforms have been installed in

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Ward Ave Drone photo
Path going through McInytre Reserve (connects Sala St & Te Ara Ahi NZ Cycle Trail / Puarenga Stream track to Ward Ave CyWay)

Morey Street / Brent Road Project

On the 19th May Minister Simon Bridges officially opened the Cyway along Morey St and down Brent Rd, Photos

Morey Street/ Brent Road cycle link provides a connection between Eastside suburb, Te Ngae Road shared facilities and the Forest.

Concerns about road safety mean an increasing number of parents don't want their children riding a bike to school. A separated cycleway provides students with a safe bike route separated from traffic and parking making travel by bike a more attractive option.

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Morey Street cycleway