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Share with Care

Shared path safety and shared path etiquette

Rotorua Lakes Council has launched a campaign to raise awareness about the safe use of shared footpaths.

As part of the national cycleway initiative council has designated footpaths around the district as combined spaces for pedestrians, cyclists and other users.

The Share with Care campaign promotes the use of handlebar bells and more visible signage on shared paths to make users more aware of others around them.

Chair of Rotorua Cycle Action David Crawley says he uses a bell on his own bike.

“There are some very nice bells available these days. I use my bell coming up to blind corners to let anyone who may be around the corner know that there’s a bike coming.

“I also use it coming up behind any walker or biker that I want to pass.

“It’s not about surprising people, it’s the opposite. It’s about letting the other path user know that you’re there in the gentlest way possible,” says Mr Crawley.

Council will be encouraging users to be considerate and respectful by installing signage at all the shared pathways around Rotorua. Handlebar bells will also be modelled at the upcoming Frocks on Bikes Fashion show on 28 October to encourage more cyclists to get their own.

“Riders should always be prepared and able to stop in half the visible distance on any shared path.

“And they should always treat fellow users with respect,” says Mr Crawley.

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