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Ward Ave / McIntyre Reserve

Ward Avenue cycleway - update: 19/6/17

The path is in, the side road crossing are painted and there are just a few driveways to be finished up. To see photos of the near finished cycleway click here

Ward Avenue cycleway - update: 16/2/17

Contractors have resumed work at the Sala St end of the McIntyre Reserve. The shared path in the McIntyre Reserve is being extended onto a new shared path along Sala St, where a new refuge island on Sala St is being created to enable a safer crossing over to the Puarenga Stream track / Redwood Forest.

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Ward Avenue cycleway - update: 22/12/16

The Ward Avenue cycleway is starting to take shape. Aimed at providing a safe route for locals who want to ride bikes, it is also a key connection between Fenton Street and the Redwoods and Whakarewarewa Forest.The first section of shared path from McIntyre Reserve to Clouston Crescent is completed. Once contractors have finished working on the Morey St / Brent Rd project (needing to be done while students are on summer brake), work on the remaining sections from Clouston Crescent to Fenton Street will begin and a crossing point on Sala St. It will take approximately five weeks to complete depending on the weather.

Road safety improvements To improve safety for path users we want to encourage vehicles to slow down as they enter and exit side roads. To help slow traffic, raised platforms like the one pictured will be installed in some streets at the Ward Ave end. The platforms are designed with a gentle gradient to minimise any bounce for cars travelling over them and will be constructed at least one car length from the entrance to Ward Ave. The platforms are not pedestrian crossings. This means that cars will still have the right of way but will need to slow down to drive over them which will make it safer for pedestrians and bike riders. Raised platforms will be installed in

Share with Care

Meanwhile, a Share with Care campaign has been developed to educate shared path users and encourage everyone to be courteous and respectful when using the new cycleway. Share with Care signs will be placed along the path, together with regulatory signage. We have enclosed a flyer that explains the Share with Care concept. Council is also promoting the use of bells on bike handlebars as a way for riders to gently let other users know when they are approaching.

Ward Avenue cycleway - update: 1/12/16

The construction of the path in the reserve is now complete with solar eco-disc lighting. Both entries to the reserve will be concreted along with the Sala Street refuge crossing and the creation of the shared path on Ward Avenue. Work is due to start within the next week.

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Ward Avenue cycleway - update: 25/10/16

We have reconsidered options for the cycleway. After feedback about the loss of parking for the on-road option, the footpath will now be widened on the northern side of the road to create a shared space along the length of Ward Avenue (similar to Fenton Street and the new cycleway on old Taupo Road). This will leave the road space free for future development and not impact on car parking availability in any way. Cyclists can still choose to ride on the road but we will now be able to offer an entirely off-road facility for those who are not confident or comfortable riding on the road.

This cycleway will provide a link between Fenton Street and our beautiful forest, providing a family-friendly connection to the Redwood visitor centre and the children’s Mokopuna Trail, as well as being a good option for commuters. We are investigating a potential alternative entrance to the forest which would make this connection complete and provide easier forest access.