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Ranolf to CBD Street Project

Status: Under Construction


The next CyWay project is the Ranolf to CBD (Central Business District) Street Project. This project will be a shared path and aims to provide a safe, off-road option for vulnerable users to link between Rotorua's southern suburbs, local schools, the inner city and the lakefront.

Shared paths are designed to make users such as school children, elderly and new bike riders and those on mobility devices feel safe because they are fully separated from traffic.

The shared path will begin at the Lake Rd / Ranolf intersection and will run the length of Ranolf Street on the eastern side of Ranolf Street all the way to Devon Street, where it will cross the road to be on the western side of Ranolf Street to Sophia Street where it will connect to the existing shared path.

The first stage of this project was completed in July last year (from Lake Road to Arawa Street/Rotorua Primary School).

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Update July 2018

Work on the Ranolf St shared path is going well with the Pererika St – Victoria St, Victoria St – Malfroy Rd, Grey St – Robertson, Holland St – Tilsey St and Malfroy Rd – Seddon sections open for use with only minor works to be completed. Over the school brake the two sections outside St Marys and Glenholme schools have been fast tracked to minimise the disruption to the schools.

In summary, works are progressing well and are currently on programme.

Update 17 May 2018

Work is progressing quickly on this project. The first section from Amohau to Victoria Street is now complete and contractors have started to construction the next section to Malfroy Road.

The path is being constructed around the large oak trees to retain the streetscape in their area.

The Arikikapakapa Rotorua Golf Course will also be erecting a safety fence around their boundary at the Old Taupo Road end of Sophia Street to reduce safety risks to bikers and pedestrians on the new shared path.

With construction taking place during winter we expect there may be some delay due to weather. We anticipate that the shared path will be completed in time for spring.

Update 23 April 2018

Work has begun on the Amohau-Victoria section of Ranolf Street!

Changes to the design