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Ranolf to CBD Street Project

Update: 16/10/17

Earlier this year we proposed a shared path would be constructed along Ranolf Street as part of Rotorua Lakes Council’s CyWay programme.

This project was expected to start earlier this year but factors including unstable weather and a lack of available contractors delayed this and the work is now expected to start in November 2017.

Changes to the design

As the footpath infrastructure in the inner city section from Amohau Street to Arawa Street is in good condition and substantially wider than a residential footpath it will now see only minor changes including improvements to crossings and way-finding signage.

Signs will be placed along the path to help users find their way to the existing links at Kuirau Park, the lakefront and Lake Road.

Devon Street to Sophia Street

This change above allows Council to continue the shared path facility on Ranolf Street from Devon Street on the west side (stadium side) to the existing Springfield cycleway on Sophia Street. Previously this section was going to have signage only. (This is now shown on the map)

The decision to use the west side is in response to feedback from Fergusson Home residents requesting improved paths outside the facility as well as the desire to retain the street trees on the opposite side of the road.

Refuge islands will be constructed to provide pedestrians and bike riders with safe crossing areas across Devon Street on either sides of the roundabout.

The next CyWay project is the Ranolf to CBD (Central Business District) Street Project. This project will be a shared path and aims to provide a safe, off-road option for vulnerable users to link between Rotorua's southern suburbs, local schools, the inner city and the lakefront.

Shared paths are designed to make users such as school children, elderly and new bike riders and those on mobility devices feel safe because they are fully separated from traffic.

The shared path will begin at the Lake Rd / Ranolf intersection and will run the length of Ranolf Street all the way to Devon Street. The section of Ranolf from Devon St to Sophia is a quiet area so the path at this stage will stop at Devon Street.

The first stage of this project begins at the Lake Road end of Ranolf Street to Arawa Street/Rotorua Primary School.

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